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Daniel M. Crespo Signature

Daniel M. Crespo Signature


Daniel Marcel Crespo is the soloist trumpet of the Colon Theater's Philarmonic Orchestra; current member of the World-Brass-Association; permanent member of the Crespo Brass, Pampa Brass and the German Brass, being not just the lead trumpet but also arranger and composer.

The mouthpiece consists of a large tapered 17,3mm cup with a shape between a B and a C while also providing a high-comfort flat rim. The throat is 4,1mm wide and it is a balanced 80mm-long mouthpiece. 

This mouthpiece demands for players with a robust embouchure who are looking for great volume and a velvet-like sound.

The diameter is equivalent to a Bach 1X, slightly larger. The support on the lips is almost flat and wide, the outer diameter of the rim is greater than the traditional allowing this type of support.

Throat of 3.8mm and a conicity of large discharge makes the air flow very easily.
It is a mouthpiece with a rich and powerful sound, with many harmonics; Symphonic sound.

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