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Standard Hybrid Mouthpiece

Standard Hybrid Mouthpiece



This trumpet mouthpiece is a hybrid that is unique by its one-of-a-kind sleek design while also providing cushion-like comfort, especially for playing in cold climates.
The cup of mouthpiece is made out of wood (curupay - quebracho colorado) and from the throat to the backbore it is made out of brass and silver. This duality results onto many benefits such as a balance between the warm-tones of a wooden mouthpiece and the brilliance of a 100% brass mouthpiece. To add, the humidity that enters the mouthpiece stays on the backbore without ruining the wooden cup, resulting onto a longer-lasting piece.
These are high-quality hand-made products that are individually checked to precisely fit the measures.

The number in parenthesis represents the size of the cup diameter in milimetres.