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About Us

In the name of the All Brass team we would like to welcome you to our webpage!

All Brass is an Argentine-based company that crafts brass-made musical instruments and accessories of high quality and distinguished excellence. 

We refer to it as 'craft' because each product involves human intervention.
These mouthpieces are made on parallel lathes and are individually checked by qualified staff with precision tools to fit the measurements accurately.
The same process is applied to each article, guaranteeing perfect outputs every time.

Our products are used by remarkable artists around the globe such as:

  • Juan Cruz de Urquiza

  • Gustavo Bergalli

  • Fredrik Noren

  • Jeremy Pelt

All Brass's staff are all professional musicians (trumpeters) with constant performance.
That means that we know exactly what you - as a customer - expect from the products you buy, whether it's an accessory to play with (mouthpieces, soundreturns, intensifying rings...) as well as studying accesories (beepers, buzzing rings...).

All along, All Brass has been operating as a luthier shop since the beginning of the company.

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