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Care and Clean Kit

Care and Clean Kit


All Brass presents it's fabulous all-in-one trumpet cleaning kit. 

  • 1 flexible brush (to assemble)
  • 1 brush for the lead pipe and small tubes (to assemble)
  • 1 piston brush
  • 1 mouthpiece brush
  • 1 tuning slide grease (5gr)
  • 1 valve/rotary oil (50ml)
  • 1 cloth
It is unique due to its assembling for the flexible brush and the one used for the lead pipe and small tubes. Both use an assemble thread system to elongate the brush which results onto a deeper cleaning into the hardest of curves. 
We recomend using it with care. If it accidentaly gets stuck near the valve, calmly disassemble the valves and gently pull the brush back to slowly release it. DO NOT PULL HARD
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